Do you prefer luxuriously prepared and aesthetically pleasing fine dining using the most exquisite ingredients but can’t even afford to buy brand name laundry detergents? Or do you have an intense case of social anxiety which prevents you from speaking to a waiter? Or are the Western spies after you that you can’t leave the safe house? Well what ever the reason, this blog will show you how to make elaborate dishes in your own kitchen using the cheapest ingredients.

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Kanafeh Na’ama (Middle Eastern Sweet Cheese Pastry)

Kanafeh is one of the oldest desserts in the world, according to Wikipedia it was mentioned as early as the first millennia anno domini in the Levent countries. But this is when it really strikes you how old the Middle Eastern culture is, and not just a thousand years, but sixty thousand! Our primitive ancestors came out of Africa and settled here for the first time. The existential crisis begins to set in, why am I even here? What is the point of being alive if I am so insignificant? Is there a God? Just relax and ignore these thoughts for another day. This ancient part of the world has given us farming,¬†language, civilization, religion, and most importantly: recipes! Kanafeh has a couple varieties, this is na’ama which is made with baked semolina flour. The other variety is made using shredded dough called kadayif and I will make it soon. Its hard to explain what this recipe is to someone who has never had it, it is like an upside down cheese cake but the cheese is like really gooey, and you have this dish really hot.

Chicken with Creamy Spinach Sauce

So I was looking at my fridge and the only thing in it was a couple chicken thighs, an almost empty container of sour cream, and a bag of frozen spinach. I sat and wondered what I could make and the only thing that came to my mind was this recipe. This is one of those recipes you can whip up on a moment’s notice with minimal ingredients to serve to your un-welcomed dinner guests so they can be on their way. But what if you don’t have any dinner guests? What if you have no one who ever comes to your place because you are such poor company and your cry yourself to sleep because of the loneliness? Then stay strong my friend, neither do it. Just make this dish, post it on social media, or better yet, start a blog.

Chicken Masala

Indian foods have a lot of aromatic spices and this dish is no exception. “Masala” literally means spice. I really like this dish and order a variant of it when ever I go to Indian restaurants, but the biggest issue I have with them are they are drowning in orange colored oil. This is the beauty of cooking at home, you can customize the recipe however you want AND it is cheaper. For the price of one serving at a mediocre restaurant, you can make an entire dinner for four (or four meals meals for yourself). The special ingredient for this recipe is cardamom, its distinct taste gives a floral aroma to the dish.

Sauerkraut (Fermented Cabbage)

Ever bought a cabbage, used about a quarter of it since you only cook for one person at a time, and then wonder what to do with the rest? Or have you ever had a craving to eat sour cabbage after a week? Then you’re in luck, sauerkraut is the perfect remedy for these two specific occasions. This is the easiest fermentation possible, the bacteria are already present on the skin of the cabbage and all you have to do is leave it in heavily salted water to wash the taste of poverty from your mouth. You will need jars to make this.

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