Prosciutto with Asiago and Olive Oil

Difficulty: easy

This is by no means a broke man’s recipe, prosciutto is one of the most expensive meats on the market but luckily I found some at Walmart for only $9.97. “Take that!” local Italian butcher who was trying to charge me $40 a pound. Prosciutto is an air dried ham that is cured for months to years, carved into thin slices and served raw. Making this appetizer involves going to a store and buying three or four ingredients and put them on a dish in a presentable manner but it will double your Italian EXP points when you bring it out. Just remember to tell your guests that this is just one of the appetizers so they don’t eat too much. Lets begin!


15 slices prosciutto

Asiago cheese shavings

Olive oil to drizzle

Fresh parsley for garnish (optional)


Chop the parsley into a fine paste and let it soak in the olive oil overnight. Cover the oil so it doesn’t go bad. The oil will absorb the taste and color of the parsley.

In your fanciest plate, place the prosciutto in the most attractive manner. You can place them straight, make tiny flower buds, or roll them around. Add the shaved cheese on the side or on top and then drizzle with the olive oil. If you have a good Prosciutto then never, and I mean never put the cheese or Olive oil on top and eat it plain. But if you have shitty Prosciutto like me then don’t put too much cheese on top otherwise it will cover the lovely color and your dish will be ruined. Be prepared to suck  up your man tears every time a guest goes for seconds.



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