Easy Home-made Indian Ghee (Clarified Butter)

Difficulty: easy

Clarified butter is a very versatile cooking ingredient. It has an incredibly high smoke point when compared to regular butter and can last for six months without spoiling. And the best part it that it brings a wonderful aroma to any sweet or savory dish. Remember that episode of Game of Thrones in which Hotpie tells Arya that the secret to making the best pie is browning the butter, this is exactly what he was talking about! If Arya would have browned the butter for the Freys pie then Walder would have eaten it without hesitation. Clarified butter is way more expensive than regular butter, but you can make it at home with the same ease as boiling water. This India method only uses one ingredient and involves just heating it until the milk solids begin to curdle and continuously sieving it. There are other methods, but this one adds a unique cooked milk taste which can only be described as heavenly. Lets begin!


1 lbs unsalted butter



Slowly bring the butter to a boil on medium heat, I use the heat mark of 6 out of 10. You don’t want to heat it too much otherwise the milk solids will burn and leave black specs in your ghee and give a very distinct burned taste. Using a small hand held sieve, begin to scoop out the froth and discard it.


Cook for a total of about 15 minutes and keep scooping out the solid milk particles that are being formed. There are two goals for cooking the butter, first is to curdle the milk solids to they can be removed, second is to boil off all the water that is in butter. Commercial butters have around 16-17% water.


Soon the butter will look bright yellow in color and will not have any more froth. This means the milk solids have been removed. Remove from the heat.


Pour the clarified butter one last time through a fine sieve into a seal-able jar. One pint mason jars are sufficient for 1 lbs of butter. Use this when you are frying eggs, steaks, in baking, etc. It is the perfect oil. When it cools, it will become a tan brown solid which is easy to use.




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