Reverse Sear Steak with Butter and Rosemary

Directions: easy

So according to those pompous steak gourmets, the only way to eat a steak is grilling it with salt and pepper to a temperature of medium rare. But I don’t have space to have a grill in my apartment. And I’m definitely not driving to the park to wait for those rich Imperialist families to finish their barbecue so I can go and sneak some of those used hot coals, never again! Instead I’m going to buy a nice N.Y. strip loin for $6.95 and dine on it in the most exclusive restaurant in New York State: Hotel Delicatessen du BrokeButFancy. The next best way to cook a steak is by a method called reserve searing, basically you bake it in the oven at a low temperature and then sear the fuck out of it! This is definitely better than the simple pan searing method and limits the chances of error because it is cooked so slowly. It is especially good for thicker steaks (about 2 inches wide) because they are cooked more evenly. This method is time consuming but can be set into place before your guests arrive (if you have any) and requires no resting period so the steak will be hot when it reaches the table. One more tip: never wash a good piece of meat with water, make sure you buy the meat from a hygienic source and let the blood juices tenderize the meat for you. Lets begin!


1 lbs premium steak, 2 inch thick, I used a N.Y. strip loin

Salt and pepper to garnish (about 0.25 tsp of each)

1 tbsp olive oil

1 tbsp butter

2 cloves garlic

0.5 tsp dried rosemary or 1 stalk fresh rosemary



Preheat oven to 200 degree Fahrenheit. Pat dry the steak using a paper towel and apply the salt and pepper evenly on both side. Push the salt and pepper deep so it gets into the meat.


Bake the meat for about 25 to 35 minutes until the internal temperature is 125 degree Fahrenheit, this is the pre-sear temperature for medium rare because it will raise about 5 degrees in the pan. Use a roasting pan or a grilled baking pan to allow the juices to drain, otherwise you will be boiling your steak. It might look dry but the inner part is packed with juices.


Heat 1 tbsp of olive oil on a heavy skillet to high heat, just as it begins to smoke but don’t give into the pressure, not all cool kids smoke. Now add the steak and sear it on both sides and the edges for about thirty seconds each, or until the outer layer crispens.


Turn off the heat and add butter, garlic, and rosemary and spoon it over the steak a couple times. You are basically introducing a fragrance but not cooking it in it.


Take out and set on your serving plate directly, this does not need any resting time. The steak oil can be used to sear any side vegetable, I used organic rainbow carrots because they sound fancy but are just as cheap as regular carrots. Or you could add 2 tbsp of red white into the steak juices, deglaze the pan and use it to add a splash on the plate. This would look fancy enough for Mr Peanut, but if you are doing that then make sure you use a fresh rosemary stalk instead of the dried ones. Using the above directions, you will get a steak that looks like it is medium but has the texture of medium rare, the drying process just gets rid of the color without ruining the meat.


The steak was incredibly juicy, unfortunately I over did the searing process for picture purposes but you should not have the same problem. This dinner calls for a good wine, so open the secret liquor cabinet and pull out a deep red, I paired it with a 2013 Cartuja Piorat but some people say full bodied Australian spicy wine would also do the trick.




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