Japanese Teriyaki Chicken

Teriyaki means to grill something and then shine it with soya sauce. It was commonly used for fish in Japan but has expanded to white meats like chicken and pork. My recipe slightly modifies the grilling process and suggests to shallow fry it for an added texture and let the chicken sit in the sauce for a long time to absorb the flavors and become tender. The key to this recipe is to get the perfect soya sauce to honey ratio, luckily for me I was able to infiltrate a gang of chefs in Tokyo with my knowledge of Toriko that they just gave it to me. Sounds like I'm say spewing random words, but that is exactly how it happened.

Tandoori Chicken (Indian Chicken Roast)

A tandoor is a type of oven, imagine a big pit lined with bricks with an open fire below. It is used to make a variety of flatbreads or roasting meats in South and Central Asia. Tandoori chicken originated from the Indian Subcontinent and quite obviously needs to be roasted in any kind of oven. I'm obviously referring to Gordon Ramsay's pan fried abomination, but it's not the like this is the first time the English have shown complete disregard for Indian traditions. This recipe requires a lot of South Asian spices which might not be readily available from Dollar General (your regular grocery and clothing store) and require a lot of investment. I have all of them because I cook a lot of Indian food and this method is much cheaper in the long run, but if you are just making this once to impress that Indian girl who friend-zoned you ages ago then I suggest you go to your local Indian store and purchase a single box of ready-made Tandoori Masala. Shaan is by far the best tasting and only costs $1.25.

Sweet and Sour Chicken

This sweet and sour chicken is a weird combination of food, but it wasn't always so. These damn Western spies took the traditional Chinese sweet and sour sauce, which is a mixture of vinegar and honey, and forged something so ridiculous but tasty. As the name suggests in the Western influenced recipe, we add a sweet component (the pineapple) and a sour component (cooking wine or soya sauce) to the chicken and peppers. You may be tempted to swipe that pineapple from your neighbor's retirement fruit basket for this recipe but don't! The best results come from the canned variety since it already comes with pineapple juice. A lot of people use ketchup to get the strong red color of this food, but I really advise using sirachi or any chili garlic sauce since it will taste a hundred times better.

Chicken and Vegetable Egg Roll

Remember that time you went to that Chinese place for lunch with your co-worker. You ordered that economical lunch combo for $5.99 that had a tiny serving of soup, an entree, and a side of steamed rice, but and then your "friend" also ordered the same combo but got that additional egg roll for $1.25. You were so envious of his egg roll but still managed to discuss the various biomarkers of neuroinflammation that would show the activation of the microglia. I remember. I remember like it was yesterday. Adding cabbage is great for this recipe, it gives that extra volume so you can skimp out on the proteins.

Chicken Satay

Eating meat on a stick, what can be fancier than that? The answer is pretty much anything else. Satay is a very common Thai street food, which should be relatable because you could be living on the streets any day now. Chicken satay make for a wonderful appetizer, they are fun to eat and taste phenomenal with spicy Thai peanut sauce. The mixture of flavors from the cinnamon-ny five spice and the sweetness from the coconut milk will explode in your mouth.

Sweet Basil Chicken

Have you ever looked in your refrigerator and found a bunch of fresh basil going bad? Obviously not because that would require you having a working refrigerator. But hypothetically you have one that works and you are in this predicament, then I have a simple recipe for you. Sweet basil chicken, it is a recipe I made buy throwing things together and it tasted great. The honey sweetness compliments the subtle peppery flavor of the basil and your palate will thank you for not eating oatmeal for the fifth day in a row.

Slow Cooker Chicken Noodle Soup

I know what you are thinking, Chicken Noodle Soup isn't fancy. I disagree. If you think that it isn't fancy then I'm sorry your Highness, you aren't really broke. This is an original American dish and the chicken used for this soup is supposed to be from old chickens whose meat is too tough for regular consumption. A true broke man's dinner. Use it as an appetizer or a main course, it depends if there is anything else to eat or not.

Quick Lemon Chicken with Asparagus

This simple dish can be considered a quick recipe since it has very little cook time and it is easily presented with greens, cheese and sour cream. You can whip it up in minutes when an unexpected co-worker comes over for dinner and brag that you always eat like this. Then resume eating unbranded Aldi's oatmeal twice a day the next day like usual. Chicken tenders are best for this recipe since they cook rapidly, are thin enough that you do not need marination time, and cost less than chicken breasts.

Slow Cooker Lemon Garlic Chicken

Slow cookers aren't really that expensive, you can buy them from Target for about $30. But I'm not going to spend $30 so I'm never going to buy one. Luckily my cousin was throwing one away, so means I got a free Crock Pot! You can start this slow cooker, go to work, worry the entire time that the slow cooker will burn down the house while you're gone, come back and enjoy a well cooked meal.

Orange Chicken with Broccoli

Now this is my go-to dish when I invite someone over for dinner, I use it a lot since my relationships barely make it past a couple dates. The key to this dish is presentation, you cut an orange in half and carve it out using a pairing knife, and fill it with the orange chicken. Unfortunately oranges are expensive, so always be on the lookout for those fruit baskets that some doctors put in their waiting areas.