Ramen (Japanese Noodle Soup)

Every person who is broke knows what instant ramen is, how to cook it, and when to eat it. I'm making a fancier version for that special occasion you have more than a dollar in your pocket or for when you're tired of eating that 35 cent a pack, three-for-a-dollar, Top Ramen which is probably all the time. I always think about  the immoral lyrics of Filthy Frank when ever I cook ramen, here they are: "We got chicken and beef to boost the manhood; Anybody want a piece of me will have to get this ramen first; Start with the shrimp and then the fire; If you're fully blazed then this shit'll get you higher; Thirty-five cents a pack, three for a dollar; Unbelievable pricing that's the future of a blue collar worker; And I'm talkin' bout ramen; This shit'll fill you up when you're feeling like an African" This song perfectly symbolizes what instant ramen is and how it has helped our young professional progress in society. I am using shrimp in my recipe, but it can be done using almost any cooked protein.


Tom Yum Goong (Creamy spicy Thai soup)

Tom Yum Goong is a very famous Thai soup. It is so famous that the Asia Financial Crisis of 1997 is also called the Tom Yum Goong Financial Crisis in Thailand. It all began when the Thai Baht couldn't keep matching with the US Dollar and South East Asia plummeted into financial darkness, kind of similar to my bank account. What a wonderful piece of history. Back to the food, Thai restaurants have a very strange chili rating system, there was a Thai place in New Orleans called Sukhothai which has a spicy rating of 1, 3, 5, and 20. Now I'm an adventurous person and like to take on challenges so I went for the 20. It was so spicy that I felt it in my mouth all the way down to my anus the next morning. My roommate was so worried when I was screaming on the toilet all night long. You can recreate that experience by making this dish at home using extra hot roasted red chili paste.

Italian Sausage Soup

I was looking for an authentic Italian soup and came across this amazing recipe with over 2000 reviews, it tasted amazing so I thought I'd make it for my friends for Italian dinner night. Sadly they said they had never had something like this before and it was a recipe made by the western spies. I was so embarrassed. Even more embarrassed than the time my mother came into my kitchen and saw freshly washed Ziploc bags, I managed to convince her that I was reusing Ziploc bags for the environment and decrease my carbon footprint (which doesn't really apply to this situation) but deep down you know I can't waste a perfectly usable Ziploc bag.

Slow Cooker Chicken Noodle Soup

I know what you are thinking, Chicken Noodle Soup isn't fancy. I disagree. If you think that it isn't fancy then I'm sorry your Highness, you aren't really broke. This is an original American dish and the chicken used for this soup is supposed to be from old chickens whose meat is too tough for regular consumption. A true broke man's dinner. Use it as an appetizer or a main course, it depends if there is anything else to eat or not.